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icona Rivista ONH
Pubblicazione on line del numero 2/3 del 2010
icona Corso di alta formazione
Applicazioni informatiche per il trattamento delle fonti archivistiche
icona Analisi di alcuni sistemi museali presenti nel territorio della Regione Toscana
Pisa, 25 ottobre, 2010, Aula Dini, Palazzo del Castelletto

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Collections: valuables or burdens?

Organized by Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa- Laboratorio LARTTE in cooperation with European Museum Forum.
San Miniato, 19-21 novembre 2009

19 - 21 November 2009

Collections of new and historical museums grow up day by day, through donations, archeological finds or simply by the progressive extension of the concept of cultural heritage, which comprehends also intangible heritage. Store management and enhancement of the “hidden collections” of any kind of museums, are becoming a very important task in the mission of the museum and central in the communication of cultural heritage to the community. This meeting aims at investigating problems connected to this themes, gathering experiences with an variety of cultural, national and disciplinary contexts. SNS started in 1997 with Higher Learning Courses in Communication and Management of Cultural Heritage; going onwards from this experience, SNS wants to promote the public debate on central themes in the field of museum practice and promotion of cultural heritage in Italy and Europe-wide with annual meetings in San Miniato.

We ask invited speakers to share their own experience , to discuss perspectives and express their views about the different topics debated.

Keywords of the meeting 2009



Thursday 19th November

Arrival of participants
Welcome and dinner

Friday 20th November

Morning sessions 9 – 12.30 am

Welcome by Benedetto Benedetti – Scuola Normale Superiore

The whole meeting will be moderated by Massimo Negri (European Museum Forum Director and member of the Europeana Foundation Executive Board) and Wim van der Weiden – European Museum of the Year Award Chairman and ANNO Foundation)

1st session: Access to museum storage, stored collection exploitation

Miklos Cseri – Director of Hungarian Open Air Museum - Szentendre
Wiebke Arhndt – Director of Ubersee Museum – Bremen
Robin Holgate – MOSI - Manchester

2nd session: Collection circulation and rotation , cultural property mobility

Pietro Giovanni Guzzo – Directorate of Pompeii and Consultant of Italian Ministery of Culture

Prof. Pandermalis - New Acropolis Museum - Athens

1- 3.00 pm - Lunch

Afternoon sessions 3- 5 pm

3th session: Too many objects? De-accessioning and the sustainability of collections growth.

Wim van der Weiden (author of an article on de-accessioning published on “Museum Practice” in 2008)
discusses the subject with Sally Cross (UK Museum Association) and Hans Lochmann Lower Saxony and Bremen Museum Association (to be confirmed)

4.00-5.00 pm Last session: Digital heritage, how to make it accessible?

Giuliana De Francesco – Italian Ministery of Culture
Massimo Negri – Director of European Museum Forum and Europeana Foundation


Conclusions : Benedetto Benedetti

Invited speaker are asked to give a short presentation (15 min.) of the topics and to discuss it with participants. The session will be open to a selected public of museum professionals and students from Higher Learning Courses of SNS and University of Padua.

Saturday 21st November
Round table – open to the public

Making the most of the collections, beyond what’s in show: open storage, collections circulations, intangible collections, mobility of cultural property .

Wim van der Weiden - Massimo Negri will report about the previous day conclusions and moderate the roundatable

Jorge Wagensberger – Cosmocaixa - Barcelona
Cristina Acidini – Director of Polo Museale Fiorentino
Wiebke Arhndt – Ubersee Museum – Bremen
Miklos Cseri – Hungarian Open Air Museum - Szentedre
Pietro Giovanni Guzzo – Consultant of Italian MInistery of Culture
Dimitrios Pandermalis – New Acropolis Museum – Athens
Benedetto Benedetti – Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

Organization issues
Participants will be hosted in Fondazione Conservatorio Santa Chiara,

SNS will provide a taxi service between San Miniato Railway Station and Fondazione Santa Chiara

The program should evolve becoming an annual meeting in San Miniato, with turning themes and new participants every year. San Miniato candidates to become an Europe-wide meeting point for museum professionals, experts and students of museology and museum practice, possibly also with grants.
Fondazione Santa Chiara will become the future seat of the higher learning courses now hold in Volterra and will be, besides, the Italian seat of ICARus – International Center of Archival Research, with activities in the field of archival digitations, research, workshops and courses on best practices in archives.